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Why did you change to plastic bottles?

We’re excited to launch the new packaging of Tropicana which allows you to see the freshness of the juice inside! We’ve heard from many of our Tropicana fans and juice consumers in general that this is an important factor for them when buying juice. We also know that an overwhelming number of juice brands now sell their products in plastic carafes due to this consumer preference.

Does the new package size change?

Our new packaging size is 1.54L due to the shape of the bottle, which makes the product easier to carry and pour.

Is the cap recyclable?

In most curbside programs, the cap is easily separated in the recycling of PET plastic.

When will I see the new packaging in my city?

The fresh new look to our products will be hitting shelves as early as November and should be fully transitioned by 2020.

How will this move to plastic impact our planet? What are you doing today to reduce your use of plastics?

As part of one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies, we recognize the significant role we can play in working to change the way society makes, uses, and disposes of plastics, and we are committed to doing our part. Between, July 2018 and July 2019, PepsiCo and the PepsiCo Foundation invested more than $51 million in partnership efforts to improve recycling infrastructure and education around the world. We’re also setting ambitious new targets to reduce plastic and find alternative solutions and materials. If you are interested in knowing more about PepsiCo’s sustainability efforts, please view our most recent Sustainability Report at

What are the benefits of the new packaging?

Our new packaging makes it much easier to see the freshness of the juice inside! It’s made with fully recyclable PET plastic which is accepted in all recycling programs across Canada.

Is the new container recyclable?

Absolutely! Our new packaging is accepted in all recycling programs across Canada.

Will a plastic bottle impact the taste of the juice?

The plastic bottle will have no impact on the taste of the product. You’ll still get to enjoy the same great taste, with a fresh new look!

Will all Tropicana products have new packaging? What about your 946mL and smaller cartons? Will they be converting to plastic as well?

At this time, our core Tropicana® 100% Juice products in cartons will be transitioning into our fresh new packaging. However, we’re continuously looking to improve packaging experiences with different size formats, so keep an eye out for future product information.

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